Thank you for visiting the JAMstack Starter website. Everything you can see is editable via the CMS; page layouts are completely customisable.

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Websites with soul


Universal design

Universal design is our way of living up to Tim Berners Lee's founding words for the web: 'This is for everyone'. Inclusive design principles ensure accessibility is never a bolt on. It's for us all.


Private by default

We would never install trackers like Google Analytics or do anything to compromise your privacy. This site doesn't need a cookie notice because we don't use the technologies GDPR exists to protect you from.


Completely customisable

Just like your plumber, you'll enjoy working with us but you don't want to be calling us... ever again. Our simple CMS allows you to update your site and even create new pages and layouts. You're empowered. We're delighted.

For your users

  • 100% customisable pages via CMS
  • Custom forms
  • Choice of menus and layouts
  • Sendgrid for sending emails*
  • Stripe for handling payments (with privacy protection enabled)*
  • WCAG(2.1) Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance - no cookie notice needed

For developers

  • Eleventy static site generator
  • Netlify CMS
  • Privacy-friendly analytics*
  • Netlify Dev for local functions and forms
  • Work with a local git repository
  • Starter unit tests*
  • Starter Netlify Functions
  • Starter CMS with site options and dynamic page layouts
  • Component library*
  • No-class CSS with sensible defaults*
  • Prettier code formatting
  • Pre-commit linting
  • Light and dark theme support

*Some of these features are works in progress!

Simple components

Most websites only need a few very similar components. Why re-invent the wheel every time?

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Custom layouts

Everything you might want to include, you can. From image galleries to forms, JAMstack Starter has you covered.